Between 1984 and 1990 one of the worlds largest beer companies Budweiser organized the 'Budweiser Showdown' competition. Local artists throughout the U.S.A. would have a song cut to vinyl on the Budweiser label with each artist representing their local radio station. These records were pressed in limited numbers and were used to promote the artist in the competition.
The eventual winner would get their song released and secure a record deal with a major label.
Some of these 12's have since become highly collectable as well as being played on the soul scene particularly artists such as Sir-Prize, Hotliners, Kooley, After Five, Elan, Mary P Jackson and Jon Paul Martinez.

budweiser 88 sampler

1988 Budweiser Radio Show

after five

After Five - Baby I'll Try [Listen]

alfreda gerald

Alfreda Gerald - Special Kind Of Love

cheryl hunter

Cheryl Hunter - Do It Right [Listen]

children of destiny

Children of Destiny - Be My Lady

classic revue

Classic Revue - Don't Stop Knocking


Kooly - Count 2, 3 [Listen]


Elans - Private Love Affair [Listen]


Fresh - Got To Have Your Love

front page

Front Page - I Don't Need It I Want It


Hotliners - Cold Hearted [Listen]

john vaughan

John Vaughan - In Your Eyes

mary p jackson

Mary P Jackson - Your Touch Your Style


Promise - Betcha

robert owens

Robert Owens - In Your Lifetime

sir prize

Sir Prize [Listen]

special guest

Special Guest - You Got My Heart

steve pittman

Steve (steve Pittman) - Come For Love

the price

The Price - Love Games

jon paul martinez

Jon Paul Martinez - With You [Listen]